Colin Thomas is a multidisciplinary graphics artist and creative director.
He has worked with dozens of major brands. He is a one-man army. He can lead a team. He is client-friendly.
His defining characteristics are cheerfulness, curiosity, and a relentless desire to create good and meaningful work.

△ While much of this field is collaboraive, I took the lead on everything included in this reel.

△ Lady Gaga's creative team reached out to me for a lyric video for 'The Cure'. I proposed a mesmeric video in which reading the lyrics wasn't the top priority, and they went with it. This was extremely fun to animate.
Favorite YouTube comments include: "How the hell are we suppose to read the lyrics? LMAO" and "People with dyslexia must hate you so bad right now."

△ Collaborative direction between the artist, Warren Alexander, and me. Motion Graphics by yours truly.
This project came to me because the artist wanted to take a different approach than the director had initially envisioned. Mishcatt and I repurposed the footage and animated a new concept from the ground up.

△ Participant Media and Recycle Across America reached out for an animation to help people recycle smarter with new standardized labels.

△ The musical wizards at Artiphon needed an animation to teach new users how to operate their 'Instrument One'. We designed a visual story that could be understood without the need for written language. | 360.303.7686