Colin Thomas is an animator and graphic artist.
His work spans diciplines of motion graphics, stop motion, 3D, and practical effects.
He has worked with dozens of major brands. He is a one-man army. He can lead a team. He is client-friendly.
His defining characteristics are cheerfulness, curiosity, and a relentless desire to create good and meaningful work.

△ As a fan of fine art collage, I was pleased with the art direction in this video. This project felt like a turning point in our storytelling strategy: the copy, the AD, the stop motion influences, and the efficiency of visual storytelling really came together.

△ One of my favorite projects at Zendesk used mixed media to underline the unlimited possibilities inherent in an open source platform. This blend of motion graphics, stop motion, 3D, and pixilization informed the house animation style as it evolved during the 2022 brand refresh.

△ Lady Gaga's creative team reached out to me for a lyric video for 'The Cure'. I proposed a mesmeric video in which reading the lyrics wasn't the top priority, and they went with it. This was extremely fun to animate.
Favorite YouTube comments include: "How the hell are we suppose to read the lyrics? LMAO" and "People with dyslexia must hate you so bad right now."

△ Collaborative direction between the artist, Warren Alexander, and me. Motion Graphics by yours truly.
This project came to me because the artist wanted to take a different approach than the director had initially envisioned. Mishcatt and I repurposed the footage and animated a new concept from the ground up.

△ Participant Media and Recycle Across America reached out for an animation to help people recycle smarter with new standardized labels.

△ This reel is nearly ten years old now, and I'm keeping it here as a reminder of how far I've come in that time, and also as a strange kind of trophy: I haven't needed to attract work in all that time because my phone is usually ringing off the hook. I'm proud of that. | 360.303.7686